About Membership
The Society of Schoolmen is hoping to unite everyone who shares our desire to restore the principles and methods of Scholasticism. There are now four distinct levels of the Societas Scholasticorum: Associates, Members, Distinguished Members, and Scholastics. The level of associate is open to anyone who wishes to stay apprised of the Society’s goings-on. We require nothing more than basic contact information for entry into this level. Associates will have limited access to the Lorenzelli digital library and they will receive regular email updates along with our newsletter. The level of full membership is open to all who demonstrate an underlying fidelity to the principles of Scholastic Thomism and the general aims of the Society. This involves completing a short pledge to uphold the five marks of fidelity as enumerated on the "Principles" section of this website. Members will receive full access to the Lorenzelli digital library, regular email updates and newsletters, and ten percent off any Society courses in which they enroll. The level of distinguished membership is open to any philosopher of any age and academic background who, after having met the requirements for entry into the first level, submits to the Society some show of exceptional Thomistic activity which is in accord with our ideals. This activity may be as simple as a school paper written in manifest harmony with Scholastic Thomism. Distinguished members receive access to our Index Thomistarum, an international directory of Thomistic scholars with contact information for each. They also receive twenty percent off all Society courses in which they enroll, and it is from among the distinguished members that Disputatio ‘Masters’ and future leaders of the Society will be chosen. The level of Scholastic is reserved for those outstanding philosophers agreed to be of such prowess as to honor the Society by their fullest participation in its governance and activities. They are sought the world over and are invited to join by consensus of the President and the Board of Advisors. More benefits attached to each level of membership will develop as the Society progresses. There are currently no membership dues, though donations are always accepted.